Philanthropy - Heart Beat of Service

Helping Save One Child at a Time

Jason Lapene, a compassionate and dedicated individual, has made it his life's mission to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and St. Jude’s Hospital. Real estate is his profession, but philanthropy is his passion. A significant portion of every commission he earns is dedicated to these esteemed institutions, reinforcing his commitment to improving the lives of children suffering from severe health conditions.

This mission holds a deeply personal significance for Jason, as he intimately understands the struggles faced by these children and their families. He lost his beloved daughter, Natalia Lapene, to Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. His son, a brave young man, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and continues his battle every day. The Children's Hospital has been a beacon of hope for his family, providing exceptional care and support during their most challenging times.

Jason's relationship with the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and St. Jude’s Hospital transcends financial contributions. He shares a profound connection with all parents and children navigating similar situations. This empathy informs his philanthropic efforts and fuels his desire to ensure that no child is left without the resources required to fight their health battles.

In donating a part of his real estate commission, Jason not only gives back to the community but also honors the memory of his late daughter, Natalia. Every donation made is a testament to her spirit and resilience, and a beacon of hope for other children and families facing similar hardships.

Jason Lapene's philanthropic pursuits align with his heartfelt belief that every child deserves a fighting chance, regardless of their health diagnosis. His contributions to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and St. Jude’s Hospital serve not just as financial aid, but as a message of solidarity and hope to all those families who bear the brunt of such dire circumstances. It's not just about the donation, it's about the mission - a mission that has grown out of personal loss and blossomed into a beacon of hope for many. This endeavor is more than charity; it's a testament to human resilience and the power of giving.

When you decide to partner with Jason Lapene, you're not just receiving outstanding real estate services. You're also making a profound impact by supporting the children who need it the most. Together, we have the power to make a difference and ignite hope in those who believe they are facing unfathomable challenges alone.